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Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to my fittings?

You will need to bring your gown, the shoes you are wearing on the wedding day and any undergarments you plan to wear with your gown.  Shape wear is not necessary, its more of a personal preference, but if you would like to try them with your gown bring any options to the first fitting.

When should I book my appointment?

As soon as you order your gown or even set your wedding date.  Seasmtresses book up fast and early so it's in your best interest to pre-book if/as soon as possible. This will enable you to get the time and date that works best for you. 

How do I book an appointment with you?

To book an appointment, please fill out the inquiry form.  I will check my availability and reach out with a link for you to prebook your appointment and secure your spot on my calendar.  A booking link will be sent to you 3 months before your wedding date to schedule the fitting days and times.

How much do alterations cost?

For bridal gowns alterations typically fall between $500 and $950 depending on the complexity of the gown and work that is needed.  Due to the unique qualities of each gown, it is not possible to guess the exact cost from a photo or email description without seeing the actual gown on you and in person. There is an additional cost for customizations to your gown.
Bridesmaids and Mothers gown typically fallen the $150-$450 range.

Where are you located?

I am located in Orange Connecticut.  All services are provided in my home studio.

Why can't I find your address?

Because I work out of my home I send out the address once we have a guaranteed working relationship.

How do I pay for alterations or other services?

Payments can be made by cash, Venmo, Zelle (<prefered methods) or Credit card.  All credit card transactions will be subject to a 3% service fee.

Do you have a phone number I can call?

Because I am a one-woman-show here, I prefer to communicate by inquiry form and email only.  This gives me time to respond in an organized fashion.  Once you receive your fitting booking link you will also receive my number in order to contact me if you are running late for your appointment.

Why am I being charged tax?

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