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Bridal Services

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What to expect in alterations

You've found your gown and now it's time to get it fitting perfectly. 

Bridal fitting appointments will start 8-10 weeks before your wedding date.

There will be 2-3 fittings that are spaced 3-4 weeks apart, concluding with an additional pick up date 1-2 weeks before your wedding.

Standard alteration work (Side seam, straps, hem, bustle) typically run between $450-$950+.  

Keep in mind this range is provided to cover the unique qualities of each gown's design.  A more accurate quote will be given after the first fitting.  Custom alterations (anything not considered "standard" alteration work) is an additional cost and can be discussed during your detailed fitting.

Rush alterations at an additional fee less than 6 weeks til your wedding date.

Bridal party fittings (bridesmaids and Mother of the bride/groom) will start 4-6 weeks before the wedding date. There will be 2 fittings that are spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

Standard alterations cost between $150-$450.


Rush alterations at an additional fee less than 3 weeks til the wedding date.

Alterations are booked by appointment only on 

Mondays and Thursdays.*

*other days and times are dependent on my current schedule.

Please let me know your preferred time, and I will do my best to accommodate if possible.

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