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Tool Tuesday: A must for every seamstress business

Sharing tools to make your work day easier and to hurt your body less!

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I have a goal this year of working in a typical seamstress position (the floor) a LOT less. I have chronic back pain that flares up in the middle of the busy season every year, and creeps up into my neck by the end of it. The nature of this craft has us seamstresses in hunched over positions more often than the body should handle. This led me to search for a table big enough to lay gowns on while I'm pinning hems, and also has the ability to be compact since my studio space is small to begin with. My 200 sq ft space is not only where I sew, but also where I hold my fittings with brides. 

After scouring the internet for a little bit I came across this table on Amazon that fit all the criteria I was looking for! 

  • Adjustable height

  • Collapsible sides

  • Grid table top

  • Drawers and shelf for storage

  • Large enough for wedding gowns!

  • Strong enough for my portable machines

  • Usable as a desk

My First Impression

Putting this table together was VERY straightforward, but (small disclaimer) I LOVE putting things together. If assembling furniture is not your thing, definitely have someone to help.  Thankfully, it comes with simple directions and all the parts. It recommends two people, and although I definitely recommend having someone help turning it over (It's pretty heavy!), you can certainly get the elements together with one person to start.

Please excuse my outfit... WFH life iykyk!

Testing It Out 

  1. This table at its lowest point matches right up to my Juki which helps with extra support for those huge gowns! 

  2. I used my rotary blade directly on the table and it didn't cut into it, which is great! I definitely still recommend using a cutting mat to protect your blade.

  3. The measurements on the grid have come in handy already for quick measurements of some detachable straps I was sewing in the other day.

  4. Starting the day, or at the end of my work day when I'm ready to write some invoices, I can conveniently take out my laptop and use the table as a desk!

The Final Score

I think every seamstress business could use a table like this if you don't already have one! This cutting table has exceeded my expectations all around and especially in the tight quarters of my studio. It's been exactly what I needed to avoid working on the floor as much as possible, and has been so convenient in ways I didn't even think I needed! My only qualm is that there are 12 knobs to turn (two on each leg) in order to adjust the height of the table. For me this won't be too much of an issue as I will mainly use it along side my juki while in a sitting position.

Having tools in my arsenal that will make my job easier and my work run smoothly is an absolute necessity and helps me look forward to getting to work every day even more!!

Want to get your own? Click the amazon link below. I earn a small commission on your purchase which helps me get through the slow seasons <3

Let me know in the comments what you think of this table! 

Did you get one? How is it working out for you? How else could you envision using this table in your space?

Share your experience with me if you've used this table before!

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